CEO Greeting

KMC, A Leader in Press
Machinery Industry


welcome! Thank you to all customers who visited the KMC website!

KMC started Woojin Machinery in 1970 and was reborn as KMC in 1999. It is a company that runs steadily with the belief that it is a leader in the Korean press machine industry.
Our executives and staff are always researching and communicating with the goal of customer satisfaction and more overseas market share based on stable quality.

In line with the changes in daily life, quality of life and environmental issues, the continuous change of materials and materials is taking place due to the enlargement of household appliances, the diversification of portable electronic products, and the change to light-weight hydrogen and electric vehicles in automobiles. Resolving noise and vibration problems is also constantly being demanded.

Accordingly, KMC is constantly striving to keep pace with the changing working environment by expanding the pressurization capacity of existing small and medium presses and generalizing large-sized links, knuckles and other special presses.

In the future, under the corporate motto "Quality and future are in principle, communication, respect, and cooperation", we will continue to carry out the principle of equipment manufacturing, communication with customers, and respect and cooperation between employees, stable quality and companionship with customers. We will become a KMC that achieves growth.

Thank you.

Jaehyun Kwon, CEO of KMC., Ltd.