Management policy & Vision

  • Management Motto

    “There is quality and the future in principle, communication, respect and cooperation.”
    · Principles of equipment manufacturing
    · Communication with customers
    · Respect and cooperation among employees
    · Stable quality and shared growth with customers

  • Management policy and vision

    · Customer satisfaction through quality management
    · Technology innovation and personal development through knowledge management
    · Social responsibility through ethical management

  • Management Strategy

    · Expansion and enlargement of pressurization capacity of C-type and SEMI-H Press
    · Link and Knuckle Press Research Expansion
    · Development of a press combining Al (Artificial Intelligence) and IOT (Internet of Things) technology
    >Expansion of overhaul and remodeling of existing facilities

  • Target Value

    · Innovation and Differentiation
    · Responsibility and Trust
    · Shared Value and Communication
    · Mutual respect